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A non-profit by Nova Recruitment, Connect by Nova is committed to supporting individuals in the Cayman Islands to achieve career success.

Every day, businesses are faced with new challenges in the battle for talent, with growing numbers of candidates needing to upskill, retrain and shift career paths to meet the mounting talent demands in Cayman. These unprecedented challenges will have a stifling impact on the economy if skills gaps are not addressed in a proactive and innovative approach connecting the dots between supply and real-world demand.

Our Core Values

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Together we are stronger. We always encourage co-operation because we know it brings better results. We believe in leveraging collective genius.

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We enjoy meeting with and talking to our candidates and clients and value the trusted relationships we develop each day. In fact, that’s what excites us most about coming to work every day.

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We’re honest, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our clients, candidates and staff.

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In the current talent market with growing numbers of candidates needing to upskill, retrain and shift career paths, talent acquisition is becoming more difficult for employers. To increase the rate of success of the local community, the employment system needs to operate differently with information sharing at its core – from education to employment. This is where we come in, to Connect supply and demand and help individuals achieve career success.

Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

A national workforce that is resilient, agile, and that can continually develop in line with global business needs, occupational patterns, and growth.

Our mission

Our Mission

To support Caymanians and the wider Cayman community to achieve career success through guided access to education, training, and employment.

annual report.

Connect by Nova is pleased to launch our new Impact Report covering the year 2021/22. The report sets out the amazing work being done by our teams across careers, employment, education and training in the Cayman Islands. Since our formal launch of services in March 2021, Connect by Nova has supported the Cayman community more than we were able to imagine, and we are only just getting started.

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Every member of our team cares deeply about quality, equality, and integrity and we care deeply about our team.

Excellence requires collective effort, so we prioritise the wellbeing and success of our team.

Hannah Jackson

Career Services Manager

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Giannie McLaughlin

Career Consultant

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Karen Kersey

Director, Advisory Board

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Louise Reed

Director, Advisory Board

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Latoya Francis

Director, Advisory Board

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Daphnie Frederick

Director, Advisory Board

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Candice Czeremuszkin

Director, Advisory Board

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Alexander Gordon

Treasurer, Advisory Board

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There’s something so powerful about knowing that your work is empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve career success.

It’s why we love what we do. Care to join us? Check out our current openings let us know. If you want to be here, we want to hear from you.