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The Core theme of our service at Connect is to provide tailored, one-on-one career advice and training to deliver independent and impartial career information, ensuring you leave better equipped to achieve career success. Our team works with a set number of individuals at any given time, to ensure full attention is given to those needing a bespoke service.

At times our team is at full capacity with the number of active individuals we are working with within our bespoke programs. As this is the case, we have complied with up-to-date resources to help you achieve career success on your own schedule with anytime access.

Career Development Resources

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With so many job seekers competing for opportunities, the jobs market has never been more competitive and standing out is harder than ever. That’s why we offer training opportunities with over 100+ courses and 2.000+ lessons to strengthen your skills further.

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Careers Advice

With our practical career advice at your fingertips, no matter what stage you are at in your career, we have the information to help you succed. Whether you’re at the start of your job hunt and want some advice on interviews or want to know how to make the next move in your career, we have tailored advice to help.

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Career Path Planning

Each year the teams at Nova Recruitment and Connect by Nova release an Employment Outlook & Compensation Guide to help you understand the current market and make informed decisions for your career. Download your copy today!

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