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Simply put, without the generous support of the community, Connect would not be able to reach the vast majority of those in need of our services. Support of Connect makes it possible for the organization to continue to provide timely resources, training, and support to individuals, enabling all of us to achieve career success.

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Our Sponsors

Support provided by corporate sponsors allows for the development and implementation of Connect programs, projects and resources. These alliance partnerships make it possible for hundreds of individuals in the Cayman community to receive an outstanding array of resource tools, education and workshops.

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Become a Mentor

We can’t do this on our own; Join our growing community of mentors, and help those at the start of their careers, those looking to dive back in, and those in need of expert advice to help them achieve career success. Not only will you make a difference in their careers, but this will be an incredible professional development opportunity for your own.


Volunteer With Us

For Community, By Community” is not just a slogan for us, we mean it. Join Connect by Nova as we provide guided access to education, training, and employment.


Our Community Partners

We have developed trusted relationships with leading educational institutions and organizations in Cayman. These partnerships allow Connect to provide services directly to the youth of our islands, providing up-to-date information on in-demand skills, potential career paths and career development opportunities.