Karen Kersey
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Karen Kersey

Director, Advisory Board

Karen leads Kerage Un Limited, an organisational engagement and leadership design agency. Kerage focuses on improving results delivered by companies and individuals. Recognising the interconnected nature of strategy, culture and execution, Karen uses her strong background in strategic planning and operational leadership to lead teams through complex projects and organisational evolutions. She helps teams assess situations, address challenges, and execute plans, while providing guidance and tools to help them perform at their very best.

Karen proudly partners as an Associate at Contexis Ltd, a GuruDeveloper at Market Force®, and an Associate with vNacelle™.

Prior to starting Kerage, Karen worked with DMS for 9+ years. In her role as Senior Vice President, Karen served as a leader of leaders building operational efficiency. Karen graduated on the Dean’s List at Dalhousie University, in Nova Scotia, Canada, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She continued her pursuit of education and personal growth through her past Project Management Professional designation, current Coaching Certification, and her leadership in Human Dynamics education.

Karen loves working with courageous leaders that dare to go where they have not gone before; leaders that want to achieve more for themselves, for their businesses, and for the people in them.

What do you love about being involved with Connect?

What I love about being involved with Connect are the People. I love the people that make things happen for Connect. I love the people that Connect helps and feel very proud to be a part of the work that people are doing to make connections between Caymanians and the public, private, and education sectors. Helping people means helping our country, and that is what I love about being part of Connect.