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Latoya Francis

Director, Advisory Board

Latoya was born in the Cayman Islands and grew up in Jamaica. Since childhood, she has endeavored to leave this world better than she found it. Latoya holds a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on Public and Social Policy; and BA in accounting, youth leadership development with a minor in nonprofit leadership.

Latoya is a risk and compliance specialist with 7+ years of experience in the financial industry but is also a thought leader who is passionate about community engagement and supporting others in achieving their highest purpose.

Her extensive experience in youth development has led her to various leadership positions. Latoya’s current pursuit involves running and developing Let Me Live, a nonprofit focused on youth empowerment through education initiatives and social advocacy programs. She is currently a Member of the Education Council of the Cayman Islands.

What do you love about being involved with Connect?

I love being a member of Connect by Nova because I get to assist Caymanians in connecting to rewarding employment and opportunities. I have a strong love for assisting people in finding their purpose and Connect by Nova works with all our partners (sponsors and clients alike) to accomplish this.