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Nadine Gonzales Edano

Volunteer - Research & Business Development

I am an aspiring accountant with a solid background in audit, compliance, and financial analysis. My ultimate ambition is to become a US CPA, a goal that has led me to gain experience at several prestigious firms. Beyond my professional aspirations, I have a deep passion for community service.

This passion led me to volunteer at Connect by Nova, where I have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the Cayman community. Volunteering at Connect by Nova not only allows me to give back but also to apply my skills in ways that directly benefit others. At Connect by Nova, I am currently volunteering with research and business development initiatives for the NPO, which involves researching market trends and finding innovative platforms and strategies that can enhance our services as well as identify and engage potential sponsors.

Driven by a passion for seeing others succeed, I aim to make a significant impact, demonstrating how knowledge can pave the way for both personal and professional advancement.