Celebrating One Year of Helping Caymanians Achieve Career Success

Celebrating One Year of Helping Caymanians Achieve Career Success

Connect by Nova has become an incredible resource for the Cayman Community. A resource for Caymanians who are unemployed, underemployed, and those looking to develop themselves further across our three islands.

The team at Connect by Nova celebrated their first year of operations in March, which was a year of working with Caymanian candidates on their careers, conducting numerous one-to-one career advice & development sessions, all the while helping individuals that were underemployed reach their full potential.  In celebration of these triumphs, the team held their inaugural impact day which was a vital end-of year review and impact event that brought together government officials, executives, and relevant Ministry members, alongside the team at WORC, to learn more about their work during the first year and provide invaluable feedback and ideas, which helped the Connect by Nova team create their goals for 2022.

“After a year full of triumphs, we are excited to announce that Connect by Nova has now been granted their NPO status” Hannah Jackson, Co-Founder and Careers Services Manager proudly stated. “This will allow Connect by Nova to help more individuals in the community reach the career success they deserve.  The NPO status will also emphasise our commitment to grow with the help of the private and public sectors. A special thanks to one of our sponsors, Ogier, whose commitment to Connect by Nova was integral to us reaching the NPO status”.

Chairperson, Karen Kersey commented “I am excited to serve as Chair for Connect by Nova because of all the good work that is being done to serve as the bridge between Caymanians and the public, private and educational sectors.  There is a lot of need out there and a lot of good talent, so to help bring all parts together to find the win-win-win-win, feels really important, for us as Caymanians and for the health of our jurisdiction.”

Connect by Nova’s numbers speak for themselves with 946 individuals having received career guidance from the Connect team and 108 individuals receiving one-to-one career advancement training sessions within our community. Furthermore, Connect by Nova has helped individuals secure and prepare for 173 interviews across 19 industries resulting in 26 individuals securing full-time employment, 16 individuals securing an internship, work experience, or part-time roles, plus 9 individuals securing a place at university / further education.

Hannah Jackson commented that “the team and Advisory Board at Connect by Nova are looking forward to an exciting and eventful year ahead” adding that they had just finalized their new goals for 2022 and are excited to share just a few.

Goal #1 – Formalize an Industry-Expert Mentor Program

Goal #2 – Place 50% more candidates as we did last year with a real target of getting more of the unemployed into employment.

Goal #3 – Integration with Education Institutions to provide Careers Guidance and Work Readiness Resources

“Our small team has achieved outstanding results in the short time between Connect by Nova’s initial inception in September 2020 to the launching of our career services in March 2021 to now in 2022.” Co-Founder & Director of the Advisory Board, Louise Reed stated. “The impact of the pandemic is not over, especially for those trying to enter the workforce for the first time or those that remain displaced by changing industry environments.  I hope our commitment to the local community shines a light on the importance of our mission here at Connect by Nova.”

Click here to view Connect by Nova’s Impact Report as presented at the Inaugural Impact Day in October 2021: https://connect.nova.ky/annual-report/

Without the generous support of the community, Connect by Nova would not be able to reach the vast majority of those in need of their services. Supporting Connect by Nova makes it possible for the organisation to continue to provide timely resources, training, and support to individuals, enabling Caymanians and all in the Cayman community to achieve career success.

If you believe in creating a better future for the people that Connect by Nova work with, please reach out to their team by email at connect@nova.ky to see how you can help or how your organisation can become a sponsor.

Together we can help our community to achieve career success.