100 Women in Finance and Connect by Nova Create Strategic Partnership

100 Women in Finance and Connect by Nova Create Strategic Partnership

100 Women in Finance and Connect by Nova have created a strategic partnership to provide bespoke career sessions to GirlForce 100 mentees as part of their entry into the workforce. Covering key topics to assist pre-career students with key life decisions about education and career, curated webinars will be offered to the mentees on resume writing, interview skills and avoiding burnout in an ever evolving talent market. 

“At Connect by Nova, we want to empower students with the knowledge and competitive edge they need to achieve the best possible outcomes” adds Hannah Jackson, Co-Founder at Connect by Nova. 

Co-Chair of GirlForce 100 and CEO of Rampd.Consulting Kelly Sage said “We are delighted to work with Connect by Nova to help strength our offering to the mentees of GirlForce 100. The lessons learnt in these sessions will promote them further on their career path and ensure that they are well equipped to embrace the opportunities that come their way.” 

Offered virtually to participating registrants, each webinar will be focused on a particular career focused topic and be tailored to the needs of the GirlForce 100 mentees. 

100 Women in Finance is a global organisation committed to gender equity in finance by promoting diversity, raising visibility, and empowering women to find their personal path to success. It connects women at every career stage, including pre-career, to a global network of people and resources. The organisation’s mission is to strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. It operates under a guiding principle that it calls Vision 30/40. It is the goal for women to occupy 30% of investment team and executive leadership roles by 2040. 

GirlForce100 is a strategic community partnership between 100WF and the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, and provides support, educational guidance and opportunity to young women aged 13-25 years old, attending local educational institutions in the Cayman Islands. GirlForce100 pairs local 100WF members with young women who have indicated an interest in any career in the finance industry and have demonstrated notable potential meriting their placement. Through mentorship, the programme supports mentees in the development and progression of their career paths leading them to success. Now in its eighth year, a previous impact study on the programme found that throughout the programme, mentees experienced increased confidence levels, better school attendance and had more understanding of future career opportunities.  

If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming part of GirlForce 100 please email Florence Jones at florence@100women.org to learn more. Follow-us on Instagram @girlforce100cayman.  

A non-profit by Nova Recruitment, Connect by Nova is committed to supporting individuals in the Cayman Islands to achieve career success. To learn more about Connect by Nova, get involved, or become a sponsor, reach out ot the team at connect@nova.ky or visit their website, www.connect.nova.ky